Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I realized that I hadn't written anything on this blog for a while now. I'm not exactly sure why. I'd like to say because I've been so busy taking care of Kiah, but actually I think it has more to do with being a little less than inspired. And again, I am brought back to the name of our blog: Growing Richters. Growth is sometimes hard. Obviously, sometimes it means change, sacrifice, etc... none of which are fun. But it also sometimes means waiting, which is perhaps even harder. We're feeling those sort of growing pains these days. We're itching for change, don't exactly know why, and don't really know what that means. So... we wait... and try to figure out what it means to pray... and hopefully, no, assuredly, God brings us along in our way.

Kiah's growing like crazy these days. I'll just add a couple of fun pics to show off.

I can't believe she can feed herself Cheerios!

One of the girls from church crocheted this for her... It's beautiful.

Kiah and Daddy playin...

Kiah with Grandma Mary a couple of weeks ago...

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today we attended a beautiful wedding at our church and for some reason it made me very nostalgic for our own that was only just shy of two years ago. I was teary at the beauty of the bride, the bridesmaids and the music. I wondered again at the serious and holy nature of the vows we say and the life we're committing to. And most of all, I was deeply grateful that God got me there two years ago, and that he got me here today. I sat next to my sweet husband who whispered to me throughout the ceremony dreams for our future, musings on where we have been and could only smile and take a deep breath of gratitude that he is my partner in this crazy adventure called marriage. I held on my lap a squirmy, ever-alert, little girl who is so full of life that she can't sit still. And I smiled and took another deep breath. I sat beside my wise, caring, gentle father-in-law who took turns holding our moving baby, who always wants a turn to hold, talk to, rock, and love on his granddaughter. And again, what could I do but smile and take a deep breath, so aware that I never thought I would be blessed with such in-laws. God has been so good to me.

Tonight I watched the movie "Rachel Getting Married." It's a hard movie, but good. It's so real that at times you feel uncomfortable that people are being portrayed so close to the way we all act and feel. I saw myself in the characters, struggling to love and be love, to forgive and be forgiven, to keep living deeply even when it's harder than I had ever imagined. The most magical part of the movie, in my opinion, was the music. It was jazzy and funky, and melodic and rhythmic, all in turn. It was the soundtrack of life lived, really lived. And I loved it.

So my post today is sort of a toast, to real life and to blessed life. And as I write it, I smile and take another deep, life-giving breath... of gratitude.

And for those of you that really just want to see the new pics... here you go:

Highlights from our trip to see my mom...

And from our trip the next weekend to Michigan...

And then just some classic Kiah moments...

(She is seriously going to kill us one day for this one!)

Monday, April 13, 2009


So there are a lot of 'firsts' in the first few months of a new life. And everything is new and momentous to a young life and to those who are watching it. This post is to celebrate some of Kiah's experiences of newness in picture. She is growing like crazy these days, and continues to be such a source of joy!

Ian and I are also experiencing many 'firsts' as well, most of which cannot be accounted for but occur in the day-to-day of our lives together. I have to say, it is good to be alive. And this week, the first of Eastertide, I am especially thankful for our newness of life... and for the hope of ever-redeeming new life that the cross and resurrection promise us. It's so easy to lose sight of that in the midst of getting places, worrying about everyday things, and going about the humdrum tasks we all have to do. But I am hoping, as Kiah is experiencing newness everyday, that I will be reminded to look for God's newness in my everyday as well.

Can you say piercing gaze? She's been holding her head up and looking around for months now, but in the past few weeks she has just been getting stronger and stronger.

She's also found her feet and loves sucking on her toes...

And she loves to sit up and play. At our house, she loves to play in her highchair and on the floor.

In expectation of Ian's birthday, Kiah also had her first photo shoot. Thanks to our great friends, Craig and Alyse, Kiah got to get all dressed up to have her picture taken. Here's one from that day:

Last weekend, Aunt Kate came to visit and she and Kiah got some of their first real bonding time (Kate did come visit when Kiah was just a few days old, but this time they got to interact and get to know each other a little better).

...and Kiah got to go out to her first fancy dinner with Daddy, Mommy, and Aunt Kate. She didn't eat much, but enjoyed grabbing the cloth napkins and trying to master the heavy silverware.

Just another fun pic of our two beautiful princesses.

This last weekend was a busy one: Ian turned 23 and Kiah celebrated her first Easter.

Here Kiah is wishing her daddy a happy birthday morning!

On Sunday, Kiah got to wear her first Easter dress...

...and later we went to spend the afternoon with friends at Grandpa and Grandma Richter's house. Kiah hung out with Grandpa while we got things ready for lunch...

...and a few minutes later we came in to find her with her 'new pacifier!'

During the Easter weekend, Kiah had another first that didn't get caught on camera. At the Good Friday service, Kiah was playing on the floor and reached over the grab her carseat. She was pulling it toward herself, so I put my foot in it to weigh it down. Next thing we know, she pulled herself right up! I couldn't believe my eyes. She's growing SO FAST!!!!

And, finally, this morning Kiah tried her first cereal.

Not sure what she thinks yet, but she'll get the hang of it...

Thanks for walking with us. May you also see God's redemptive hand doing new things in your life today!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Still growing...

So I having been thinking a lot lately about this time of life and have various musings. One, it is definitely different than I thought it would be. And yet, in many ways, it is what I wanted: the wonderful husband, the gorgeous baby, the great friends... For the past few years I have realized that life is way harder than I thought it would be. I thought if I had the above mentioned blessings in life that I would be happy, content, and at peace. Instead I find myself here, with so much of what I wanted, still longing for so much more. I want to fight less with my husband, to give more willingly to my daughter, to know who I am more confidently and to live and love more fully and selflessly.

I remember back in late high school days my friends and I would sit around and pontificate on what it meant to feel the pangs of living on this side of eternity. Looking back now I realize that we didn't even begin to understand what that would mean. But that adolescent angst turned out to be all too true to the struggle that is part of this life. And now, more than 10 years later I realize that this is life: beautiful, full of more joy than I could have ever dreamed, and so much harder than I ever wanted it to be... all rolled in to one big, messy, crazy package.

I am not a person who likes struggle, or even ambiguity. I grow weary very easily and go quickly toward anything that would bring resolution or seeming peace. But that doesn't seem to be what living life deeply looks like. (Rach, if you're reading this, remember when we used to talk so much about living deep lives??? )

And so back to the title of this blog: growing Richters. Here I am now: a Richter, a Mrs. Richter, a mommy Richter, and trying to learn what it means to grow in grace.

And now for some highlights of the journey:

She's just too cute after bath time...

Yep, she's sitting up in her high chair now, not eating but playing with toys.

And just some pics of our lazy Sunday together:

Monday, March 2, 2009

Miami yay!

Having been born in the bleak midwest, amidst some of our bleakest of months, Kiah had not seen much of the sun up until this last week... when she got to go to Miami! Renee (Ian's mom), Kiah, and I went to visit some great friends of ours who now live just south of Miami. The weather was warm, the landscape was green, and the time with friends unforgettable.

Kiah's first plane trip!

The Gunthers--our wonderful friends who we miss very much!

Karl and Kiah

Kiah enjoyed Graham's toys...

...and Graham enjoyed hers.

Grandma and Kiah out to a Cuban dinner.

Renee, Wendy and Graham at the beach.

A picture we took for Ian especially, telling him that we wish he could have been there with us. Unfortunately, he had to stay back and work.

Kiah lounging on the beach...and the first picture of her smiling!

Kiah got to put her feet in the water.

It was a wonderful trip. We do wish that we could see Karl and Wendy and Graham more often, but it was so nice to be with them (in the beautiful Miami) for at least a few days.

Monday, February 9, 2009


The title of this blog is "Growing Richters" for a reason: we hope to always be growing. Unfortunately, growing is not always easy. Learning is humbling, tiring, and just takes time, patience, and a lot of grace. That's definitely the season we're all in right now, a time of learning. Ian's learning a brand new job (praise the Lord for that provision!) and learning how to sleep less and still function. I'm learning how to be a working mom with a job that you wouldn't exactly call my dream career (my love of coffee only goes so far) and my heart torn between two worlds. Kiah is learning more everyday. Her latest passion is getting things into her mouth. It's so fun to see her learning hand-eye coordination and continuing to be so alert, observant and seemingly curious. She's gonna give us a run for our money! We're all learning so much about what it means to be a family at this stage and Ian and I are learning to trust God in whole new ways. It's humbling. It's tiring. It is taking time and patience and grace... lots of grace. It's life and we're trying to live it for all it's worth.

Here are some of the latest moments:

Kiah's starting to love bath time and Daddy is the pro

The rest are just fun pics!