Saturday, May 23, 2009


Today we attended a beautiful wedding at our church and for some reason it made me very nostalgic for our own that was only just shy of two years ago. I was teary at the beauty of the bride, the bridesmaids and the music. I wondered again at the serious and holy nature of the vows we say and the life we're committing to. And most of all, I was deeply grateful that God got me there two years ago, and that he got me here today. I sat next to my sweet husband who whispered to me throughout the ceremony dreams for our future, musings on where we have been and could only smile and take a deep breath of gratitude that he is my partner in this crazy adventure called marriage. I held on my lap a squirmy, ever-alert, little girl who is so full of life that she can't sit still. And I smiled and took another deep breath. I sat beside my wise, caring, gentle father-in-law who took turns holding our moving baby, who always wants a turn to hold, talk to, rock, and love on his granddaughter. And again, what could I do but smile and take a deep breath, so aware that I never thought I would be blessed with such in-laws. God has been so good to me.

Tonight I watched the movie "Rachel Getting Married." It's a hard movie, but good. It's so real that at times you feel uncomfortable that people are being portrayed so close to the way we all act and feel. I saw myself in the characters, struggling to love and be love, to forgive and be forgiven, to keep living deeply even when it's harder than I had ever imagined. The most magical part of the movie, in my opinion, was the music. It was jazzy and funky, and melodic and rhythmic, all in turn. It was the soundtrack of life lived, really lived. And I loved it.

So my post today is sort of a toast, to real life and to blessed life. And as I write it, I smile and take another deep, life-giving breath... of gratitude.

And for those of you that really just want to see the new pics... here you go:

Highlights from our trip to see my mom...

And from our trip the next weekend to Michigan...

And then just some classic Kiah moments...

(She is seriously going to kill us one day for this one!)


  1. My dear, dear Sandy - thank you for your beautifully articulated thoughts on life and marriage...I love you! And that squirmy little girl of incredible!!

    Hugs to everyone,

  2. You definitely 'get it' when it comes to the commitment and the blessings involved in marriage and parenting. Keep taking those deep breaths and pondering how you have been blessed and highly favored by God. It's because you are living out Proverbs 3:3-4. In HIM<>< Barbara