Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I realized that I hadn't written anything on this blog for a while now. I'm not exactly sure why. I'd like to say because I've been so busy taking care of Kiah, but actually I think it has more to do with being a little less than inspired. And again, I am brought back to the name of our blog: Growing Richters. Growth is sometimes hard. Obviously, sometimes it means change, sacrifice, etc... none of which are fun. But it also sometimes means waiting, which is perhaps even harder. We're feeling those sort of growing pains these days. We're itching for change, don't exactly know why, and don't really know what that means. So... we wait... and try to figure out what it means to pray... and hopefully, no, assuredly, God brings us along in our way.

Kiah's growing like crazy these days. I'll just add a couple of fun pics to show off.

I can't believe she can feed herself Cheerios!

One of the girls from church crocheted this for her... It's beautiful.

Kiah and Daddy playin...

Kiah with Grandma Mary a couple of weeks ago...


  1. Kiah is absolutely beautiful, and mom and dad are looking good too! Keeping you in my prayers. Remember,, there is always a place for you to stay when you want to visit Kate and Chris and see the Big Apple!

  2. I NEED to see her! And you of course :) Love you guys!