Monday, February 9, 2009


The title of this blog is "Growing Richters" for a reason: we hope to always be growing. Unfortunately, growing is not always easy. Learning is humbling, tiring, and just takes time, patience, and a lot of grace. That's definitely the season we're all in right now, a time of learning. Ian's learning a brand new job (praise the Lord for that provision!) and learning how to sleep less and still function. I'm learning how to be a working mom with a job that you wouldn't exactly call my dream career (my love of coffee only goes so far) and my heart torn between two worlds. Kiah is learning more everyday. Her latest passion is getting things into her mouth. It's so fun to see her learning hand-eye coordination and continuing to be so alert, observant and seemingly curious. She's gonna give us a run for our money! We're all learning so much about what it means to be a family at this stage and Ian and I are learning to trust God in whole new ways. It's humbling. It's tiring. It is taking time and patience and grace... lots of grace. It's life and we're trying to live it for all it's worth.

Here are some of the latest moments:

Kiah's starting to love bath time and Daddy is the pro

The rest are just fun pics!


  1. What a cutie!! I absolutely love seeing pictures of Kiah (and of Sandy and Ian, of course...) She is truly a gift from God and a true Princess, since she is a child of the King! Keep the photos coming...

  2. She is amazing. You guys are amazing. May you know showers of Grace as you learn and grow. I cannot wait to see you and hug you and squeeze and kiss the princess.

    Love you guys!!!!!!