Sunday, January 4, 2009

Our First Christmas

So of course Ian and I had Christmas together last year, but this was our little family's first Christmas at home. Ian started us off by surprising us with a Christmas tree. These first pics are of our us decorating the tree.

Ian putting up the tree

Kiah's contribution to the tree decorating process

The lights are on, now it's the tricky process of finding just the right spot for each ornament!

Kiah woke up to join us

The proud family and the finished product

The week of Christmas was busy, but so fun. The Richters have a family tradition of going together Christmas Eve morning to get a tree and then coming back to the house to decorate before the Christmas Eve service at church and a night of games at the Welanders. So much fun! And Karl and Jayla and Kayla were around to join in this year. Here are some highlights...

Picking the perfect tree

Both of her grand-babies fell asleep on Grandma Renee's lap while the rest of us decorated the tree.

We're finished!

Kiah played baby Jesus at our Christmas Eve service, but also got to wear a pretty dress!

Mary donning her white elephant gift!

Grandpa and Kiah waiting for their turn in the white elephant exchange.

And finally... Christmas morning with Grandpa and Grandma and the Thompsons.

Daddy and Kiah opening their stockings.

Alyse and Kiah took a nap together while waiting for Christmas dinner.

Mommy and Kiah posing for Kiah's first Christmas pic! She hasn't quite gotten the looking at the camera part... =)


  1. Yeah!! Great post - thanks SO much! Kiah is getting so big already - she is so amazingly cute!! I love the one of her and Ian with the tree. you and Alyse have on matching PJ's??? :) We miss you guys so was great to see pics of your Christmas. Love you!!!

  2. So... Kiah has already starred in the 'Greatest Story Ever Told'! this child is destined for greatness (we already knew that!) It is great to be able to see you and your family. How blessed is Kiah to have a cousin the same age, and how blessed are the grandparents!!!
    Zephaniah 3:17