Thursday, December 4, 2008

Day by Day

So today is Kiah's 5 week benchmark and as I sit here watching her sleeping in her swing I find myself already joining the ranks of countless parents who have gone before me in saying, "Our little girl is growing up." Already she can hold her head up all by herself, even if it's only for 30 seconds, whereas she came to us completely floppy and unable to control her movements. Already she is starting to put herself to sleep. Already she is looking intently in our eyes and following our voices with her gaze. Already she is 8lbs., 4oz., so says the scale yesterday. Already she is starting to smile at grandma, at the waitress, really seeing people and responding to them. Yes, she is still so small and helpless and fragile, but already she is a little person. And, as so many people told me it would, it is going by so fast. In an attempt to cherish the moments, here are some more pics of the last few weeks.

She and Daddy are having a heart-to-heart.

Looking right at the camera, or maybe just at Mommy...

She's grabbing Ian's neck for safety!

After eating a good meal, she passed out.

So grown up and thoughtful...

Still Momma's little girl!

Kiah and Portia are getting aquainted.

Ian is helping her a bit, but that is her thumb in her mouth. Maybe the pacifier's days are numbered.


  1. The one of her being so thoughtful is definitely a Knapp look-) She is awesome!! As far as the paci...we don't judge...I just bought 2 more today and we're at 7 and a half months?? I think Rory didn't give hers up until 2 and quite grudgingly.

  2. Only the CUTEST BABY EVER!! Love and miss you guys so much and I'm LOVING skype so I can see her in action.

    Love you and talk to you soon!