Tuesday, November 25, 2008

3 weeks in...

Well we now have 3+ weeks under our belts and I feel a huge sense of relief. We made it this far! The first 3 weeks were hard, so much harder than I thought they would be. But just as all of the wise sages who have gone before us promised, it does get better. Now everyday seems just a little easier than the last, even with the ups and downs of one bad night or hard feeding. All that said, I think we are both keenly aware of the fact that this is truly the hardest thing we'll ever do. And a huge opportunity to grow in grace!
The best part is that just when I feel like I can't do "blank" anymore (e.g.-get up in the middle of the night, calm her crying, etc.) I look down at her and my heart just melts. She is truly an incredible little person, and the awe and beauty of that overwhelms me. Here are some of her latest moments.

Daddy and Kiah taking a nap while Mommy gets a shower!

Milk coma...

Asleep between her loving parents =)

Contemplating the issues of the world with Grandpa

Daddy loves to calm her down

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