Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Cousins Meet At Last

The joke in the Richter family is that Ian and I have patterned our life trajectory after his brother Karl and wife Jayla. Karl and Jayla got engaged a month before we did, were married 3 months ahead of us, and had their first baby girl just about 6 months before we had Kiah. Because of Jayla's job, that Richter clan migrated out to Arizona just before Kiah's birth. But this last week, Karl and Jayla and Kayla came out for a visit and the cousins got to meet at last. She's still waiting to meet her cronies in Utah, but Kiah now has her first extended-family visit under her belt.

Ian was a little freaked out by a baby that weighs over 13 pounds after holding our little 6 pounder. It was really pretty funny!

Kiah's getting to know her Aunt Jayla

The goofy Richter boys with their little girls.

I'm not sure Kayla knew what to do with a tiny baby

Grandma and Kiah are sharing a calm moment...

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  1. I especially LOVE the one with the boys holding their little girls!!! VERY PRECIOUS and a great idea to blow up and give to a certain mom of those boys for Christmas...thanks for posting!