Monday, March 2, 2009

Miami yay!

Having been born in the bleak midwest, amidst some of our bleakest of months, Kiah had not seen much of the sun up until this last week... when she got to go to Miami! Renee (Ian's mom), Kiah, and I went to visit some great friends of ours who now live just south of Miami. The weather was warm, the landscape was green, and the time with friends unforgettable.

Kiah's first plane trip!

The Gunthers--our wonderful friends who we miss very much!

Karl and Kiah

Kiah enjoyed Graham's toys...

...and Graham enjoyed hers.

Grandma and Kiah out to a Cuban dinner.

Renee, Wendy and Graham at the beach.

A picture we took for Ian especially, telling him that we wish he could have been there with us. Unfortunately, he had to stay back and work.

Kiah lounging on the beach...and the first picture of her smiling!

Kiah got to put her feet in the water.

It was a wonderful trip. We do wish that we could see Karl and Wendy and Graham more often, but it was so nice to be with them (in the beautiful Miami) for at least a few days.

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  1. Kiah's getting so big--babies are so amazing. Love her smile--and of course, she'd be smiling, she's on a beach, in Miami, in February! :)
    Still looking for a time we can get together...will talk soon.